Kevin Alexander


A native to Chicago and raised in Simsbury, Connecticut, Chef Kevin Alexander found his calling to the culinary world after working as a cook in a small bistro called the 1820 house.  Here, his love for food evolved and he passionately studied the art of cooking. Chef  later followed this passion for culinary arts to Martha's Vineyard. Where he studied under many talented chefs at the famous Harborview on the Vinyard.  Chef Kevin continued to delight by bringing unique concepts and flavors to the pallet running two successful restaurants in Massachusetts before following his creativity and devotion to Ormond Beach. Now calling Florida home, He has worked as sous and head chef at some of Florida's finest restaurants including Frappes, Fusion 43 and 31 Supper Club.

Adopting an active lifestyle in the warmth of Florida brought Kevin through the doors to East Ormond Beach CrossFit where a new passion would spark interest in a different kind of food journey. Becoming more aware of his proximity to nutrition with respect to functionality of food. Using only the finest ingredients to create savory dishes from scratch inspired chef to start experimenting with a healthier style of cooking that pushes the envelope for taste. Chef Rx is his platform for this new passion.



Kevin Alexander

Executive Chef